Adeyemi David .O
5 min readNov 16, 2021


Zlatan: The Unsung Hero

You are not prepared enough for this journey. Oh, yes, ‘Resan’ is actually a Swedish word that means ‘the journey’. Sweetness in an album, creativity skyrocketing, dynamism in navigating and uniqueness in sound.

Without an iota of doubt, Zlatan outdid himself, giving his critics a ‘shut up and listen’ album. From being the ‘one sound guy’ to giving unique financial sounds with features like Davido, Ms Banks, Bella Shmurda, Sho Madjozi, Phyno and Flavour. A perfect lineup for a journey.

That Guy

This is a perfect record to depict the phrase ‘to each, his own’. Many people count their struggles so much so that they forget the wins they’ve had. Here, Zlatan thanks God and says ‘Many people have tried, and many people have failed, but I don’t want to be that guy.’ This definitely means he wants to be that successful guy.

Alubarika ft Buju

One of the first tracks off this album with a very special talented artiste, Buju. Alubarika means goodwill. This track serves as a prayer where these men declare their going out and coming in as fruitful and full of good tidings. Strongly recommend as a daily dosage.


Here’s Zlatan showering praises on ladies. ‘You get level’. For those who might, this is a confidence-boosting record for the ladies who look down on themselves and think they don’t measure up to a certain level. Zlatan is here to tell you not to listen to those ‘hatuuurrrssss’ cos you get level.

Shakur ft Ms Banks

Before this song came up, I had already concluded it was about 2Pac especially after seeing that he featured a UK rapper, but I was amazed at what I heard. ‘Shakur’ is supposed to be ‘Sako’, a Yoruba slang that means ‘pride yourself in your strength’. As usual, both rappers delivered on this record.

Polongo ft Bella Shmurda

I’ve always maintained Bella is a special talent to the African sound. The synergy between both artists needs to be studied. I actually stood to dance ‘galala’ to this song although it sounds highlife-like. This is a proper party banger.


Egun is a Yoruba word that means ‘problem’. Here, Zlatan subtly prays for himself and others who are willing to get married that they won’t be unfortunate enough to marry someone else’s wife. A not-so mid-tempo record that explains the pretense of a lady before marriage who switched up just after the marriage; hence the phrase ‘may God not let you be unfortunate not to marry your wife’. I would’ve loved Olamide on this record too.

One Life

An instant party and club banger where Zlatan tells us to enjoy our lives to the fullest because we only have one life to live. ‘Don’t go and come and kill yourself’.

Money ft Davido

With his unique vocals, Davido has been on fire with features this year, all hits and no misses. It’s only right to feature the ‘OBO’ on a track titled ‘Money’. As the popular slang says ‘money stops nonsense’. Do everything you can to make money, legally.

Ale Yi

Ironically the last song that was recorded on the album, but one of the early releases. Problems never go away if you keep thinking about them. Zlatan advises that you just forget your worries and enjoy your life because if you die, someone else will enjoy what you labored for.

Fada ft Phyno & Flavour

Zlatan invites two of his eastern colleagues to woo a lady with him because he’s in love and will do anything to meet with her father. It’s safe to say Zlatan has opened a tab for himself in the eastern part of the country with this amazing record with two legends.

Energy ft Rayvanny & Sho Madjozi

The title is very apt for the energy brought into this record. A proper danceable song for African dancers especially because he’s literally thanking God for creating sexy women across different parts of the world.

See Me So

A Yoruba man in his full capacity is singing to a lady as he showers sweet words and professes love to her.