Adeyemi David .O
2 min readJun 15, 2021


Mallz Official: The Mall of Music

You’re like public holiday on a Monday

You’re like a tulip on a Tuesday

Sexy Madame give me one for the road

And I promise not to look back

Whine Riddim (2021)

I remember an interview with the Mallz in 2017 where I asked him to explain his name and he said “When you hear my name, the first thing you think of is a Mall and that is exactly what I am. I am a Music Mall. You go to a Mall to get quality stuff, that’s my music, quality music. You find many shops at the Mall; that’s me, I don’t just stick to making one kind of music, I try to be very versatile.”

Mallz Official or Worldwide Boy as he likes to call himself is one independent artist with a lot of flavor and confidence to match.

Putting out his debut EP Call me Mallz in 2019. accompanied by a follow up EP ITAT in 2020.

His passionate delivery in stage and studio performances makes every session a memorable one for fans.

#MallzOfficial draws his inspiration from the everyday hustle of being a Nigerian youth. The methodology and craftsmanship in his songwriting and melodies allows for fans to immediately connect with what the singer was going through at the time when the music was created.