Adeyemi David .O
2 min readJul 14, 2021

You Can’t Do It All!

Dear independent artist,

Consider this an acknowledgement of all the effort you’ve put in to creating and promoting your craft. Indeed, you’re doing well.

While you juggle a number of things alongside promoting your brand and music, there are some things you should contract to professionals to do for you.

You are not a robot and you’re not about to kill yourself. You make the melody, write the lyrics, perform A&R duties, run your PR, promote your songs, pitch your songs to curators, ah! You can’t do all of these effectively when you do it alone.

Hire a professional to help you with other things. Imagine a Ronaldo on the touchline, coaching and on the pitch, playing at the same time. It’s impossible. A manager/coach has his part to play so do the players.

Get a team of friends or family you might not have to pay so much or pay at all. Delegate responsibilities and tasks. Now watch your music career take a turn.

Photo credit: Identity Music