Yes, I said it.

I’ve had instances where some people meet me for consultation and strategy building without a budget and I wonder how they think k campaigns are funded.

Budgeting in the PR puts together costs for all the PR activities that are to be carried out.

It is arguable that the success of a PR campaign is dependent on the strategy. However, what drives the strategy? Your budget!

Now, does your strategy determine your budget or vice versa? It could go eitherway, but I’ll advise you to put your budget first because there is no limit to what a campaign/strategy can accommodate.

Your budget puts you in a certain bracket where you can only accomplish what it can fund. You can’t have a slim budget and want a Davido or Burna kind of result. It’s not going to work. So, the fatter your budget, the more you can accomplish.

Having a budget is very vital in carrying out campaigns.

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