Adeyemi David .O
2 min readApr 23, 2021

Alté Music: A Lifestyle or Genre?

When Nigerian music is mentioned on the global stage, we all automatically think it’s about Afrobeats, or Fela, Burna Boy, Wizkid or Davido. However, we all know there are many more genres of music that Nigerians exploit, one of which is the Alternate sound, known by many as ‘‘Alté Music’.

The alté ‘kids’ took root in Lagos after a number of young millennials and Gen Z began to express themselves through their ‘own’ style of fashion, art and music.

This unique sound springing up from Nigeria is fast gaining ground around the globe. With trends from the active participants, it feels more like a lifestyle than a genre.

The name ‘Alté’ was first heard from members of the DRB Group, Teezee and Boj in their 2014 track titled “Paper” [The ladies like me because I’m an Alté guy].

Like I said earlier, beyond being a genre of music, these artists keep pressing on the alté lifestyle through their dressing, art and especially, using music videos to express and communicate their lifestyle. At the forefront of this ‘lifestyle genre’ are guys and ladies with amazing voices and fashion sense like Tems, Santi, Lady Donli, Dami Oniru, BOJ and Blvck Topia among many others.

Personally, alté is more of a lifestyle, beyond just the music. Do you feel the same way?