What Is Bad PR?

The real question should go “is there anything like bad PR?” Absolutely not! Just like you read earlier, it means creating, maintaining and sustaining a favourable image between you (celebrity, artist, individual etc) and your audience.

So, let’s dissect. Since the aim of PR is to create and sustain a favourable perception of you in the mind of your audience, why do you think there should be something bad about creating a favourable image for yourself? Oh! You get it now? Rather than term it ‘bad PR’, have you thought of it being ‘bad publicity’ instead? A PR plan or campaign can go wrong at different instances and for different reasons, but a single action of faking your death or posting your genitals on the internet will never be ‘bad PR’ because it isn’t even PR in the first place. That’s publicity gone wrong.



Author | Music PR Consultant | A&R | Writer Mail - dondave220@gmail.com

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