Upcoming Artist: Perception or Reality?

Is there really anything like being an upcoming artist? Really!?

What’s the concept behind calling some upcoming artists and others ‘blown’ artists? Is it a perception we have built over time or a reality?

It’s a common thing for us to say this artist is upcoming while this one is not. What differentiates them?

For me, it’s a perception that has eaten deep into our reasoning and we just can’t let go, because why else will we say an artist has ‘unblown’? Think about it.

Now let’s do this: those celebrities you admire (not those lori iro ones o!). You admire them because of the back to back content they feed you with, right? They are ‘blown’ and does that make you an upcoming human? Absolutely not.

Do you think the term ‘upcoming artist’ is a reality or a perception? I’d like to hear your opinion/thoughts.

Author | Music PR Consultant | A&R | Writer Mail - dondave220@gmail.com

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