Under Sided — A Review

Adeyemi David .O
3 min readAug 17, 2022


It’s been a while since I wrote the review to a project because reviews are very personal and special to me. I was only surfing through a streaming platform when the song ‘Over You’ came up and I literally screamed because it was magical. I had to look for the whole project and connect with the craft of these artistes and trust me, it was worth every second.

Please come with me and let’s e-listen to Under Sided together.

Like a child anticipating a special birthday present from the parents, I felt exactly the same way upon seeing the cover art of this project, and after the first track, I got this sweet ecstatic feeling like an orgasm was close. Voice, sonorous and coherent. Lyrics, amazing and clear. Production, beyond the roof and the convergence of these elements have given birth to this impeccable work of art, worthy of a place at the musée du louvre.

If you know Beethoven, you definitely should listen to Beat Oven because the metaphor in the name is clear that the person is loaded with enough content to go round for music lovers to consume, especially in this love themed project that is clouded by several emotions and feelings.

Sit back, relax in your recliner, top up your glass of whiskey and enjoy this beautiful body of work. Ladies and gentlemen, Under Sided.

Back In Time

A bumpy, yet smooth record with finesse and fine sleekness. Describing a brutal heartbreak with flowery words isn’t for everyone; the lyrics capture the heartbroken lover giving details of how the friends have said it wouldn’t last. Is there anybody that eventually won’t chop breakfast?

Over You

I personally feel it’s rude to groove and vibe to a heartbreak record, however, this particular song is making it difficult. Making a heartbreak song such a bop that you might almost miss the message. Last last, after the breakfast has been served, do you try to get over the heartbreak, or do you never want to get over the person?


The sweet feeling that comes with falling in love. The ‘mumuness’ of shamelessly giving away your ‘mumu button’. The coconut head you develop after slipping in that lustful kind of love. Have you even fallen in love if you’ve not been hypnotized? I guess not. This lover has completely lost it even at the sight of the gorgeous eyes. Phew! Some people never learn.


Oh, take me back. Take me back to those beautiful nights when we gazed into the shining stars while I held your waist and we smiled and kissed repeatedly. This record reminds me of the sweet feeling that comes with being in love. A mid tempo record that fits perfectly into what a couple should share their first dance with. Love is sweet o.

Now or Never

An ideal diminuendo for an impeccable project should leave you wanting more, and this is what this up-beat record has done. Leaving your ears lingering for more music. You almost could never tell that this song is about heartbreak again.

We really should check on the composers of this project because the heartbreak records are composed and hidden in such a flowery manner that you most definitely will miss the message if you don’t pay attention.

This to me, is a solid project, and like a newborn baby, without blemish.

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