Adeyemi David .O
2 min readJun 11, 2021


To be fair, a number of upcoming artistes don’t know the importance of PR, but it’s not an excuse to operate on vibes, without a strategy or a plan. The least that can be done is to have an external PR consultant.

Nothing can replace PR in your career as an artiste. NOTHING! Although paying girls to dance to your songs is a way of raising awareness, it can never replace the real deal. The budget you have for playlisting your song can never replace PR.

As mentioned in the previous article, PR creates and maintains a favourable image to your audience, so there’s a part of it that creates, while another part maintains it, and the other sustains. Jumping to playlist your songs doesn’t do all of these.

Like a car on the highway, you need to use the acceleration pedal often and properly for your car to keep moving. Know when to slow down, know when to top your speed and most importantly, keep pressing the pedal to continue moving.

A-list artistes don’t joke with PR because it’s their source of strength and their driving force. Imagine Wizkid dropped #MadeInLagos and just went to relax – it would’ve done well because why not? He’s Wiz. That is where the part of sustain comes in – sending care packages to influencers, shooting videos, strategic posts and many more.

My dear friend, the Nigerian music industry is a red sea already, what are you doing differently? Do you have a budget for PR or it’s vibes and insha Allah?