Adeyemi David .O
3 min readSep 9, 2021


Tiwa Savage: The Queen!

It is quite obvious that Mama J is slowly cruising her way into better years and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon. Penetrating and thriving in a male-dominated industry is not a small feat to measure up to, particularly with the likes of Olamide, Wizkid, Eazi, Davido and Burna Boy topping charts and smashing records.

The ‘Water and Garri’ EP sends a message that even though she might be signed to an international label, she’ll always connect with the local market with water symbolising the globe and garri symbolising the ‘streets’, explains why she has local and international features as well as song titles in both English and Yoruba.

The EP is a result of transition, hard and smart work, growth and development, with each track raising the bar for the next, reaching a total climax of five within 19 minutes. Amazing composition, impeccable features, meaningful lyrics, sonorous singing and quality production. Without a doubt, the project is Grammy material. Kudos to Tiwa and her team on a successful project, it can only get better from here.

Work Fada

Perfectly composed and delivered as a sweet and melodious lullaby you surely want to immerse yourself in, with a lit scented candle while basking in the euphoria of the Nightingale. As usual, NaS was nothing short of the impressive lyricist that he is, accompanying his bars with matching vocals and astonishing delivery. Tiwa in her truest form — as a professional mixologist — blended a perfect mix of English, Yoruba and Pidgin. This is how to feature NaS.

Ade Ori

The short and bouncy track starts with a mid-tone pitch while making a crescendo with her sonorous and charming vocals describing how her pain is enough, there’s no space to accommodate extra luggage of pain.

Tales by Moonlight

Soft, clear, smooth, placid and velvety perfectly describes the Amaarae featured track bringing the euphoria of love the lady is basking in. An apt imagery of tales by moonlight, literally. Again, love wins.

Somebody’s Son

Don’t be reluctant about shooting your shot, it can only end in two ways; a beautiful story or hot uncontrollable tears. And in this case, it ended in premium tears, hence ‘somebody’s son go love me one day’.

This is a fan favorite. Tiwa and Brandy understood the assignment, ate it and cleared the plate without leaving crumbs. Please note, this song is only for the booless, my fellow singlets this is our anthem

Special Kinda

We all have that special person whose love we can’t trade for anything, it’s an unconditional love affair. Besides, everyone wants to feel loved in every possible way, especially when it’s coming from that special person. Love truly is a beautiful thing when parties involved are on the same page.

Without having to think twice, Tiwa is evolving and I’m here for it. While she gets better everyday, I feel she’s yet to reach the peak of her career. Amazing project, Tiwa.