Adeyemi David .O
3 min readSep 15, 2021


Ria Sean: A Work Of Art

Imagine a world where all you have to do is close your eyes and bask in the euphoria. Now, take a deep breath and come back to reality because the Fluid EP is the answer to prayers we didn’t even know we should say yet.

Just like the name, ‘Fluid’, the extended playlist runs through like blood through the veins, flowing without hindrances, with each track whetting the musical appetite of the listeners up until the track where Ria flaunts her ‘Stamina’.

In just seventeen minutes, it is possible to travel the world, with legs crossed and eyes closed all thanks to The Fluid EP.

Are you ready to embark on this epic journey? Oya, gbe body e, let’s glow with Fluid!

Money Bag

In a soft mid-tempo record, Ria tells us she’s the sugar mummy many guys have been looking for. She’s the money bag and she’s here to chase the money (who passion epp?). Every other thing is behind her as she cares about the money. This track highlights focus — go for what you’re here for, don’t lose focus, my guy.

Satisfy My Soul

Do you need an available replacement for the word ‘sweet’? This is it. The kind of sweetness that satisfies the soul. Give love, you won’t die, honestly. Ria asks for love to be showered on her because it satisfies her soul. Again, love wins.

Pin Me Down

Feels like watching wrestling for too long has an effect on the third track, cos ‘Pin Me Down’. This is the story of a clingy lover who always wants to be pinned down. You should add this to that playlist. Yes, that particular one because there’s no better way to invite your partner that you’re available for intense and hot fok. Ladies, just in case you don’t know how to shoot, the lyrics from this song’s for you, appreciate Ria today!

Minor Notes

Hello uncle six packs and beard gang, you’ve made a lady lose focus. What have you done to a daughter of Zion? Now, she’s craving all the bad things in this world, imagining herself singing in minor notes of ‘ugh’ and ‘yeah’. Maybe Blaqbonez was right, sex over love.


It’s cold outside and someone’s daughter could be drowning, all she’s asking for is a kiss underwater. Another song you should add to your ‘tlof tlof’ playlist because this track has all it takes for you to give birth to twins in nine months time.


You always claim to like doings abi? Oya come and show workings because this thing is not by mouth. Don’t run away when it’s time to show that you have stamina. Young man, can you handle it all? Come forward or forever remain silent.

It is evident that the future is female. Talk about range, vocals, flow and delivery, Ria is top tier. Enjoy Fluid.