Adeyemi David .O
3 min readSep 1, 2021


Oxlade: The Walking Falsetto

Like the sun was made for day, the moon for night, and breakfast for many Lagos lovers, Oxlade was made for music! He’s got amazing melodies to set moods for a diverse mushy frame of mind. His vocals are up there, right above the roof. As a matter of fact, I call him ‘The Walking Falsetto’.

In this love-themed playlist, I see Oxlade as a celestial body, aligning with another body in DJ Coublon, causing a perfect syzygy for the satisfaction of music lovers. Yes, they are beyond ‘fantabulous’.


This track displays a yearning for deep romance and intense love. He’s willing to be all sweet and not get angry even if auntie should mess up. Is this not a path to a platter of breakfast in bed? Ox, don’t do this!


This record plays a scene of panic stemming probably from previous experiences, the fear many Nigerian youths share. The fear of breakfast is the beginning of wisdom, why else would a man want to confess his love but hide his feelings.

Pay Me

This is a perfect track to sing to your woman while you bask in the rhapsodies of love and affection while showers of praise and reassurance flow like blood through the veins. Of a truth, what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his precious gem? What? Nothing!


With its captivating and charming choruses, as well as euphonious chords, this song captures the uniqueness of Oxlade and Coublon for those trying to shoot shots and those that need to borrow lyrics for reassurance, look no further, Oxlade has done your assignment for you.

‘No falsetto can falsett more than the false that Oxlade has falsetted’. No one comes close, no one. Enjoy the amazing body of work and share. It’s worth it.