Adeyemi David .O
4 min readAug 23, 2021


Omawunmi: The 8th Wonder

If you’ve ever wondered what sound to consider ‘crisp’ and ‘crunchy’, you have them all lined up on this perfectly themed album of absolute finesse and top tier melody immersed in the soulful waters of highlife.

Delivering stunning and astonishing tunes with amazing lyrics as well as running chills down our spines with monumental and high ranking features like Ric Hassani, Brymo, Waje and Phyno.

With audibility to the deaf and clear visibility to the blind, Oma Wonder is not a stranger in the Nigerian music scene and she proved that to us with a project displacing any iota of doubt regarding her place in the industry. In fact, she’s one of the many OGs to grace the industry.

Joy, the introductory track, saw Omawunmi give a biblical allusion of praying for forty days and nights for someone who makes her have premature ventricular contractions while basking in the euphoria of the affectionate love they share, and the joy that comes with it.

On Billionaire, there’s a reminder that you only live once. Enjoy life, flex on and bring out the sinzu money in you, cos ‘enjoyment no dey kill person’. She also stress the fact that minding your business is a skill we all should process -

‘Free me make I chop my life o

Anyhow I wan chop am, anyhow I wan groove am, anyhow I wan flex am

Na my concern’

But truly, of what use is the money if you don’t live in La Vida Loca? Think about it.

My Darling

It isn’t a coincidence that she featured her best friend on a track titled My Darling, is it? Even a tampon would not be able to stop the natural flow of eulogies these besties showered on one another. The friendship between them makes the deluge of paean even sweater and mood-lifting to listen to.

My Life

‘Leave me alone….na My Life, no be your own

Mind your oh oh own business yo yo yo

Leave me alone oh oh,

My life o, my life’

As much as possible, let people live their lives the way they want to. Oma Wonder had the uniqueness and language diversity in the vocals of ace indigenous rapper, Phyno, who was nothing short of a badass digression with his soft tempo verse.

We really cannot overemphasize the fact that people need to mind the businesses that pay them and stop ‘chooking mouth’ in other people’s matter.


The type of anger that is enunciated on soft tone is the one that penetrates the most, and Omawunmi delivered effortlessly with the most calm voice over a mid-tempo record while maintaining the highest level of modesty in dragging everyone while talking about the ills of our society. Once again, Lagos in the mud!

Sugar Baby

Love is a beautiful thing and wrong timing will not hesitate to mess it up. This track gives an insight as to how a lover girl shoots her shot. Doesn’t look like she’s going to get curved this time though because once again, love wins.

Milk and Honey

An easy favourite and with guest vocals from the ‘21 Headies recording of the year artist, Brymo. Blending his unique voice with Omawunmi’s peculiar voice. This track shows how two lovers bask in the euphoria of an all lovey-dovey relationship. God when? Truly, love sweet pass milk and honey.

Coast to Coast

The bouncy, upbeat-inspired track depicts what some will call a clingy lover (girl) who always wants her man up close and in her space everytime. The guy on the other hand wants his space because he feels it’s too early and things need to be taken slowly. ‘Them don chop aunty eye’.


With the softest possible tone, this track perfectly illustrates how a lover went all out in professing and confessing how much love is ready to be bestowed on the partner. Oh, what a sweet way to shower someone with love and affection.

Mr Whiny

If you want anything, say it with your chest, stop going through the corners. If it’s knack, say it, if you want love, don’t hold back. Omawunmi used this track to tell us to be as expressive as we can. Stop beating around the bush, that’s not what adults do.

It’s beautiful to the soul and pleasant to the ears how much more WONDER can come out of Omawunmi’s sound. She has never flopped (no flip flops in sight) and will continue to soar. Remember, love is beautiful, na breakfast spoil am.