Marketing, Advertising, Sales & PR — The Variability

Adeyemi David .O
2 min readJul 13, 2022

Marketing, Advertising, Sales & PR — The Variability

The Gospel of Dusten Truce @Truce says:

‘The “BRAND” Engine is made up of these different pieces

- Marketing

- Advertising

- Sales & P.R’

As an artiste, there can be a time when the lines are blurry between the various types of communication that you as a brand must apply for yourself. First of all, you must understand that PR, Marketing, Sales, and Advertising make up what the gurus refer to as integrated communication. Each of these tools serve their purpose.

Marketing is “simply when you try to control everyone’s experience of you.” and how can an artiste do this? By using advertising, sales, and PR. The act of Marketing is simply employing strategy in relation to what your brand is. It’s like coming up with a battle plan on how to move units.

It is therefore important that an artist creates a market segment, which is basically putting your eggs in different baskets. The fans in these different segments get to witness different aspects of you as a brand. Like Truce said, “You make videos, you create radio commercials, theme songs, digital ads, billboards, skits, music, films and all sorts of content.”

For advertising. It is the process of putting together all the above with knowledge and strategy. For this, there is a simple formula to apply: Advertising = Marketing ( Strategy x Creative ) / Brand.

Then for what many artistes want (some do it for the passion), which is sales, they cannot do it without involving PR. Note that, “Good P.R drives sales, and this is only achieved when you have a salesperson who understands your brand and knows exactly what to say and how to say it. This Salesperson is pretty much your ambassador.” And who is this ambassador? — the PR Specialist.

You as an artiste need to invest in having a PR strategist.