Hack YouTube Content Creation

Adeyemi David .O
3 min readJul 19, 2022

You most likely know about all the things this platform can do for you, but I’m pretty sure you have not fully explored and exploited YouTube to the fullest. In this piece, I’ll show you how you can post eight different content ideas for one single on YouTube. Yes, I said eight.

The first thing you should know as an artiste is that you’re a creative and content creation is your core, this should not be an issue for you, with the help of other people on your team.

These ideas give the same music a different feel and aura for every time your fans/audience check them out. It also contributes to the total number of lifetime views you have on YouTube. Win-Win, right?

Here are eight content ideas for you to think about when you’re putting out your next single.

  • The Official Audio

While distributing, be sure that the audio is being distributed to YouTube (Not YouTube Music). It’s usually the first point of contact when consuming your music.

  • The Official Video

Of course, if you decide to have a music video for your new single, why not? YouTube is very well accommodating of creative and crisp videos. Now, you might want to be deliberate about the message you’re passing across with the official video of your song.

  • A Viral Video

This is very different from the official video. This is something professional but not so serious because it’s probably a compilation of people dancing to your song, especially when you introduce a dance routine with the song. Falz’s ‘Wehdone Sir ‘and Davido’s ‘Skelewu’ are perfect examples of songs with viral videos. I could also sneak in Olamide’s ‘Wo’ which is arguably an ‘official viral video’.

  • An Acoustic Version

Wait! Wait! Obviously, not all songs can thrive in this version because some songs are already as ‘acoustic’ as they can be, and others just have faster tempos. However, if your song will sound nice in an acoustic version, why not? Molade’s ‘Adulthood Anthem’, Pheelz’s ‘Finesse’ and many other artistes have been doing this and it’s definitely an option you should consider.

  • BTS of Audio Recording

Your fans/audience might want to see the ‘struggles’ you went through while you were recording. You could do a compilation of you hitting those notes and some bloopers wouldn’t hurt too. Teni did this with her song ‘For You’ ft Davido.

  • BTS of Video Shoot

This is an important asset you should keep to show your audience how much you enjoyed shooting the new video and the imperfect parts of you trying to align with the director’s script. It’s always a beautiful scene to see. Davido & Mayorkun’s ‘Betty Butter’ & ‘The Best’ and many others are great examples.

  • A Lyric Video

You wouldn’t want your fans to start guessing and saying wrong lyrics while bopping to the rhythm of your songs. You can control this by releasing a lyric video just like ADEOLUWA did on ‘Escape’.

  • A Visualizer/Animation

Some artistes make this a two in one affair by putting the lyrics over an animation like ADEOLUWA did on ‘Escape’ or independent of the lyrics like Joeboy did with ‘Baby’ and Olakira with ‘Maserati’.

Give your fans a run for the support they give you while still helping yourself garner enough views you need on YouTube and more engagement on all of your other social media platforms. You don’t lose anything by doing so.

Kindly note that this doesn’t apply to every song you release. They are ideas that can be applied to some of your songs. You don’t need to have a viral video for every song, the same way you don’t need to put out every BTS material you have.

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