Front Page Vs Storytelling in PR

Adeyemi David .O
2 min readJul 6, 2022

A front page ad is fantastic and gives a lot of visibility to you and your brand, but guess what is better. Try?

Well, if you guessed storytelling, you’re on point, and here’s why:

The aim of storytelling in music PR is to give you a perception in the minds of your fans. It makes them feel part of your journey and growth process. Look at how we all watched Blaqbonez grow on from BadBoy Blaq to Best Rapper in Africa and with trends like ‘Stream Haba’ and ‘Sex over Love’. A front page ad wouldn’t do that for him.

From research, Nigerians love stories and your audience will definitely want to listen to your story, especially when it is CONSISTENT and TRUE. Nobody likes ‘one day on, two days off’.

As an artiste, it is your responsibility to hire a PR consultant, who will be able to find the strongest and most captivating about your person and your music, create a story campaign around it and create a befitting marketing plan around it.

It’s 2022 and you’re not creating social media content? Is this playing? You should not joke with short videos, pictures, periodic newsletters and live sessions on these apps. Remember, PR CREATES, MAINTAINS & SUSTAINS a relationship. How are you maintaining and sustaining yours?