Adeyemi David .O
2 min readSep 11, 2021


Don’t Kill Yourself!

Dear emerging artist, if you really don’t ‘wanna die young like agbalumo’, this is for you.

You don’t have to kill yourself trying to create original ideas or content, you should be familiar with the quote ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’. Nothing! We all recycle and tweak original samples from way back. Don’t be scared to sample and recreate. As a matter of fact, creative sampling is quite difficult and it’s not as easy as it sounds.

To also think of the fact that you’re independent and you perform as your own A&R, promoter, PR, manager, songwriter and performer, and now to having sleepless nights worrying about creating original content. Please, don’t kill yourself.

I’m not saying creating your own (original) content is bad. In fact, it carves your niche for you like the Adekunle Gold of ‘Orente’, ‘Pick Up’ and the rest. But also remember Burna Boy’s ‘Ye’, Simi’s ‘Joromi’, Wizkid’s ‘Manya’ and ‘Jaiye Jaiye’, Tekno’s ‘Go’ and many others. Sampling a song doesn’t make you a lazy artist, it only shows how much your psych retains the numerous music you listen to and how you infuse all of them in a creative way.

Try not to beat yourself up over ‘creating original content’. You are a creative and it is okay to sample the works of other creatives.

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