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5 min readSep 22, 2021


Brymo: The Impeccable 9th Wonder

When consistency meets talent and amazing meets impeccable and like a caramel topping, add flawless delivery and pleasing and attractive lyrics delivered with fine finesse, be sure there’s an explosion of joy like that of a climaxing orgasm on those receiving — oh how pleasurable.

‘9’ is completion, and the entrance of a new phase… an ode to everyone, to every SIGMA, woman and man to order!.. This is homage to Karma, and to the seasons!’’

9 also signifies nine prosperous years with the mother of his child.

Many times, you’ll have to refer to poems, essays or interviews to be able to relate with a number of songs which shows depth, clarity and facts as this man releases gems in his songs. He has never lost his touch on this music thing.

All songs on Esan were produced and mastered by his longtime associate, Mikky Me Joses. Harmattan and Winter tracks were produced and mastered by Ezenwa ‘’Bigfootinyourface’’ Ogbonna’’. The title, ‘’Harmattan and Winter’’ represent the different aspects of life and its transition. Brymo shares an insight into his beautiful life with a picture posted on Twitter with his girlfriend, Esse Kakada.

According to Joey Akan, Brymo has consistently become more vocal about his place in world music. He has risen beyond expectation and constantly taken risks with his artistry.

Without a doubt, Brymo’s discography is off the roof, just like a chimney. And without notice, he crept up on us and released his 9th and 10th projects, titled ‘9: Harmattan & Winter’ and ‘9: Èsan’ (Revenge/Karma).

F**king Awesome

In a soft tone and a slow tempo record, Brymo feels he’s been doing a number of things wrong and he seeks clarity, a lot of money and he professes how being awesome is a proof to one’s self. He feels being awesome is a thing that should be judged within yourself.

Harmattan And Winter

Here, it’s a story of ‘in any weather, I’m the child of my parents and you can’t take that away’. Seasons come and go, material things come and go, facts remain.

The Dark

The biblical allusion of ‘the truth shall set you free’ came to play. Oh how fragile life is, especially when we don’t know where we came from and even still, uncertain of where we will return. But as Brymo said, ‘from the dark we came; from the dark we’ll return’.

I Don’t Have A Heart

Having to keep up with monogamy could be tasking, now make that two or three — whoops! People say a real man keeps two to three wives. Now, it has gotten to the point of heartlessness. Oh wow! Love is a matter of choice and the state of being heartless doesn’t make one have less a beautiful soul


On this track, the singer expresses how society made a beast out of him. He tries to love but he has been designed to feel different about himself ‘’it rigged my, my tugged heartstrings constantly’’. Even with all these disappointments, he firmly believes, ‘’love is the only religion’’. Reinvention is what has kept him alive over the years.


Brymo dedicates Winifred to Esse’s mum. This was made known on his official Twitter handle. Brymo has always shown appreciation to every woman in his life and this has been reflected in his works from tracks like Woman to Mama, off Oso album.

Emotions and Limbs

‘’Emotions and Limbs’’ is a sex story. The track leads listeners into a romantic experience. The first two lines give a partial detail of the number of persons engaged in this activity, ‘’There’s only one cock in the room… the scent of their hair, the smell of their perfume ‘’. There is only one man in the room but we are not sure about the number of women in the room. It can be two, three, four — we may never know. Brymo has always been expressive about his social life and it influences his music. He recounted in his last interview with Joey Akan in April 2020 that he enjoyed sixteen months of hedonism. This experience birthed the album, ‘’Yellow’’. ‘’Emotions and Limbs is viewed from many directions. The storyteller takes a shot at the dominance of the object, ‘’cock’’. It takes different forms and activities ‘it’s all in the moment, go raw, go harder’.

We All Lose Sometimes

Brymo admits emotional vulnerability on ‘’We All lose Sometimes’’. He recognises the imperfection of every human. Envy, pride, violence are all parts of human nature and we are all doomed to fail. The most important thing is how we pick ourselves up.

There Is A Place

‘’There is a place’’ takes direction in the global space. The song is short but encapsulates matters of our modern world. He ends with an epilogue expressed in spoken words.

Brymo in his element is far more than ruby and diamond; carrying the heavyweight of a genre on his shoulders. Oh, how wonderfully crafted the album is. Immerse yourself in the moment and bask in the moment of good music — you’re allowed to cross your legs at the beach, sipping a glass of your favourite whisky.