Adeyemi David .O
2 min readSep 3, 2021


Branding Yourself As An Artist

As an artist, it is important to understand the fact that you’re beyond a person, you are a brand and should be treated as such.

Many reputable brands did not start off with being top flights, they had to build from the scratch. Quality products/services, consistency, customer service, media relations among other things. A lot of people make the mistake of limiting branding to just a logo and a tagline. No way! Branding is more than that. Brands come a long way not to be limited to just logos and taglines.

As an artist, you are a brand, and you should be aware that you are. Conscious, consistent and deliberate efforts should be made at maintaining that fact. Popular artists have built themselves as reputable and marketable brands which of course, doesn’t take away the fact that they are amazing at what they do.

If I say “Tati Billion Geng,” who comes to mind? And he lives up to this brand by flaunting his lavish lifestyle, reminding people that 30BG is not just a Record Label, but a Lifestyle.

Yemi Alade replaces the second ‘A’ in “Alade” with a map of Africa on every Album cover. This emphasizes her brand perception as Mama Africa.

There are many more like that. So when building your brand, build a brand that is more than just your name or logo.

Writers — Quadri Morin and David Adeyemi