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5 min readAug 10, 2021


Ayra Starr: The Dangerous 19 Year Old

There are many synonyms of the word ‘impeccable’ and we’re yet to come to the realisation that ‘Ayra Starr’ is a ready alternative for that word.

A multipurpose body of work wherein you’ll find the most perfect lyrics to unleash the flirt in you, a model to set the standard of production, mix and mastering, the ideal tune and melody to bask in the euphoria for deep and shallow thrust as well as on the nail musicality to vibe and turn up.

Each track raises the bar for the next, slowly causing the DANGEROUS album to reach a flawless crescendo and wickedly leaving us with an Amin like we had just said our final prayers. Truly, AyraStarr is 19 and Dangerous.

Cast, the first song off 19 and Dangerous started off with a quick summary into what we are to expect from Ayra Starr’s second body of work and first album and the message is clear: I’m going to do this how I like and nobody is going to put me in a box. And she went ahead to do just that.

“If I cast, then I cast

Anything wey wan sup go sup o

I come this life all alone, yeah

Anything they wan talk, they talk”

Yeah baby girl! Do just that!

Fashion Killer

With apt descriptive imagery of herself as a model, this upbeat track shows how much of a fashion Killer Ayra is. Yes, she was a model and was signed to Quove Models in August 2018.

“I’m a fashion killa

I got much delivered

When I pass you shiver

And my ass got thicker

Fashion girl

Always wavy

Fashion girl never changing”

Once a fashion girl, always a fashion girl.

To be honest, Lonely will get you in your feelings. A sad song of a love gone sour and a lover who refuses to let go. Hope is a dangerous thing, especially after a spell of romance and it is easy to hold onto what no longer exists, that is, if it ever did. But then we are human and feelings are feelings. Ayra put it perfectly when she went:

“I’m lonely

Baby boy I am sorry jor

I be human being oh,

I be human being oh”



The London produced track with Fousheé as a guest feature is a mid tempo record where Ayra brings out the snitch in her and invites Fousheé to do the same.

From the chorus, it looks like she’s been through a lot. The lyrics give an insight to back this up, where she said:

“If you fuck with me

Then run for your life, run for your life, I’m a bit crazy

I’ll make you cry, make you cry, I’ll tell on you

And those other hoes that you fuckin’, I’ma tell on you

I’ma tell on you, oh”

More like, if you mess up with me, just run because you’re a goner. If you need another reason to know the 19 year old is dangerous, there you go.


Many of us have been in toxic relationships and Ayra is saying she’s been through it too. She expressed the aftermath of a relationship that went south.

The Don Jazzy produced dirge shows how much sadness and depression creeps into one’s mind after losing someone. NF’s ‘Why Did You Leave Us’ comes to mind.

“But I’m sorry

That I loved somebody that would hurt me

In the past that’s sad but truthfully

I died when you left, when you left me

Oh, sadly

Oh, sadly

I’ve been crying my еyes out with Xanny

I’ve been drowning my sorrows in a bottle

I’vе been smoking very much since you left me, oh”

In Between

This track reeks of sadness, tiredness, burn out and regret.

The verses highlight the struggles of average people who find it difficult to navigate through life at a young age.

“It’s like I’m falling in this endless pit of life

I’m getting tired

But I don’t wanna die

One more step and I’m falling down

Two more steps and I’m on the ground

Three more times, then I held you right with me”

Beggie Beggie is an instant favourite off the project. Starr and CKay did what had to be done on this duet and it stands to reason that it’s been met with praises by the teeming fans. A confession of love and of course the one we love doesn’t feel the same. Water is wet. And we refuse to go for those who love us. Again, water is wet. It’s a never ending violent cycle of chaos, broken hearts and yes, beggie beggie.

“See the way I dey beg you

Se Bambi Allah

Mo je ni”


The top notch production of this particular track perfectly complements the lyrics. It tells the story of how a guy serves Ayra breakfast by leaving her for another lady named Dana.

The server of the breakfast became the recipient of breakfast on a platter.

“Bad guy, bad guy, you be bad guy

If I show am the paper, him go dey act well

But he still left me for Dana

Dana let him go said, Farewell

Karma you’re such a good lover

You’re such a good lover

Karma you’re such a good lover”

Breakfast must go round!

The only single off the album, Bloody Samaritan further buttresses the whole 19 and Dangerous music direction. There will always be naysayers and Bloody Samaritans who always do their best to bring you down and all you have to do is ignore them and prove that you’re untouchable and as long as you stick to your path, they don’t matter.

“You no fit kill my vibe” she croons on the London produced song to everyone willing to listen and it is a message we totally endorse.


Audible to the deaf that this track is nothing less than perfect. It has Ayra flaunt her Queen status with the attitude employed to deliver the perfect lyrics to the already stainless beat.

This beautiful masterpiece of an album ends with this beautiful soothing pinnacle that gives thanks to God and pleads for his assistance and guidance in our lives so we live a life of happiness and peace. We are ready for joy. We are ready for success. We are ready for comfort from the pain. The time is now.

“Amin o”

Without a doubt, Ayra is here to stay and dominate like the Queen that she is. Go Ayra, Go Ayra, Go!

Writers – David Adeyemi & Vincent Nwosu